Transition into Autumn 

Autumn is a journey of transition and turning inwards. It is the season of organization and a time to let go. 

In Ayurveda, Autumn is ruled by vatta (air) and in Chinese Medicine, by the element of metal. 

In TCM, the organs associated with this season are the large intestine – that eliminates from the body what is unnecessary and toxic and the lungs, which take in the fresh and the new. 

Join us for this Yin Yoga practice that will start with self-tapping and pressure point techniques to awaken the body, followed by breath work and floor-based poses designed to target the large intestine and the lung meridians. Let’s practice together the art of letting go and move forward with positivity and determination into the new season! 

Location – Urban Bliss Lisboa // Studio and ONLINE

Saturday 26 September 14h-16h

Exchange – €25

All levels welcome

Book here:


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